Outcast Art was a project designed to promote the horror show Outcast and the international launch of its first season on FOX. The show, starring Patrick Fugit, was based on the Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta comic of the same name and dealt with frightening themes of demonic possession and psychic scarring.

Therefore, the Outcast Art project (#OutcastArt) charged talented graffiti artists from around the globe to re-create panels that, when strung together would preview a scene from the show for its launch campaign. The way the project unfolded was the ultimate media tease.

An award-winning project.

Developed together with Red Bee Creative, Outcast Art earned the following accolades: Promax BDA UK Gold Winner 2016, Clio Key Art Awards Grand Prize 2016 and Promax BDA USA 2017 Gold Winner: Best Stunt Promotion Package.

The results for the launch campaign were stunning: over four minutes of dwell time, over four million impressions spanning 125 countries and 18.7 million social media views to go along with great reviews for the first season of the show.


FOX Networks Group
Project management.